On the quest to cure cancer

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Creating insights from data

As pioneers of genomic medicine, Foundation Medicine recognized they had lots of data that could help researchers and biopharma companies advance precision medicine; what they needed was a partner to accelerate getting their ideas built and tested. For this reason Gaurav Singal, VP Data Strategy & Product, tapped Rocket Insights to help bring their ambitious vision to life.

Their mission was simple:

“We have tons of data. Let’s give our team and partners the insights they need to advance cancer care.”

Refining the MVP based on feedback

Following our agile methodology, we initially launched a minimum viable product, or “MVP”, that internal employees started using for their own research. By having FMI researchers use the product themselves (what we like to call “tasting your own wine”) we were able to refine the product concept and determine what screens and flows were most valuable to users and thus the business.

New tools for cancer researchers

Within three months we helped FMI’s internal teams quickly slice and display their data in myriad formats, allowing them to produce reports they never had before and dramatically improving their ability to analyze data in new ways. Researchers could now answer questions like “How often does disease X occur with gene alteration Y?” in a powerful way that leads directly to improved drug therapies and treatments. More and faster data-driven research results means better medical care across the board.

From MVP to industry leading software

Our initial product launch quickly grew into a powerful platform called FoundationInsights™ that has become a core part of cancer researchers’ work. Over the course of six months post-launch Rocket worked closely with the FMI engineering team to augment the product with key features, while at the same time transitioning the app to FMI’s internal product team. Today, FoundationInsights™ is considered a critical tool in the fight against cancer and is used by many of the world’s top genomicists.

The biggest thing that distinguishes Rocket Insights is their phenomenal attitude. Their leaders are exceptional human beings and partners.

Gaurav Singal - VP Data Strategy & Product, Foundation Medicine